It’s time for you to step out of the treatment room and become your salon CEO!


This is something that I am so passionate about helping other salon owners achieve. When I started my business it was just me doing facials. I became fully booked, and burnt out. I knew I couldn’t continue on like that and I needed more time to work on my business to create the vision I had for it.

In the last year I have removed myself from the salon, I hired a clinic manager who takes care of the day to day runnings. I am in the salon most days, but I don’t need to be and the business runs smoothly without me there. Last year I have closed my books completely and only see a handful of my regular clients. But it’s taken me a good year and a half from when I first decided to remove myself, to now. Hopefully I can save you some time with some of my key strategies that helped me get here!

About a year after starting my business I hired my first staff member. I was so busy I knew I needed someone there to take on extra clients, but found I continued to be busier than her even though I was paying her to be there! I knew I had to be strategic about removing myself from the salon, so I increased my prices by about 30%. They went up overnight for new clients, and I gave my regulars about 2 months notice, at which point they could continue seeing me for the new price or see one of my other girls for the same as they were paying.

This worked a treat as about 80% of my clients went on to see the other girls, and I was able to cut back my hours. What I also found was I had an influx of new clients who were more attracted to me now I was a more premium price! So naturally, I increased them again! When I first started I was charging $140, that went up to $195 and today I now charge $290 for a 90 minute facial.

If you have a bigger vision for your salon but just don’t have to time to work on your business, start by just scheduling out ‘business time’ one day a week, half a day, or just chunks of time where you can focus on marketing and growing your business.

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