I’m Ashleigh Scott –

Founder of The Facialist and Tribeca Skin Tonics

With over a decade in the beauty industry I started my first business at the age of 23 when I opened the doors to my first salon, then known as Ashleigh Scott Facialist in Auckand City. A year later I launch my own skincare range – Tribeca, an artisanal range of hand-blended oils.

When I first opened my salon it was just me. I leased this (huge!) commercial premises and took on what at the time, seemed like a massive lease. And grew my business from scratch. Having just moved back from London, where I had been working for the past two years, I had no client base or contacts in New Zealand. Over the course of six months I built my client base using word of mouth and social media as my biggest marketing tools. I didn’t use any traditional advertising, but managed to get a lot of free publicity and many features in top publications such as Fashion Quarterly, Next Magazine, Remix and Viva.

After six months I hired and trained up my first staff member, and continued to grow my business and clientele, brining in two additional staff members.

Now, almost five years later, I have built an amazing business with an incredibly loyal clientele and three staff who help me run the salon. We have moved into an even bigger space and I no longer work in the day to day running of the salon, and instead have taken on a Creative Director role. I run all of the marketing and creative projects for The Facialist and Tribeca. As well as mentor and train other women in beauty businesses.